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multimedia artist / designer / musician
Professional Profile
Career Direction

I have the ability to manage projects and contribute as a leader or team member, and am comfortable reaching goals independently or in collaboration.

I have practical experience in many fields, including web design, art direction, illustration, print, photography, video/audio production and animation, journalism, and music composition. Having a wide-range of media experience, I enjoy using many angles to solve problems. I'd like to think of myself as something more than just a "jack of all trades." I believe this line of work should be fun, even at its most serious and stressful times.

My goal is to stay up to date with emerging technology and market trends, and to see businesses grow and to grow alongside them.

Primary Knowledge Base
PC and Mac Dual professional experience
Adobe Photoshop Over 10 yrs. Design, Compositing, Post-Processing, Illustration
Adobe Illustrator Illustration, Vector Design, Print Management
Adobe Dreamweaver Webpage Editing
Abode After Effects Video Editing, Post-Processing, Animation
Adobe Flash Advertising, Multimedia Presentation, Animation, Games, UI
Adobe Soundbooth Audio Editing
Manga Studio Illustration
OSCommerce 2.5 yrs. Product Management, Styling
Magento 1.5 yrs. Template Editing, UI, Product Management, Custom Blocks
WordPress Light CMS and Styling Experience
HTML Strong, From-scratch proficiency, HTML email experience
CSS Strong, From-scratch proficiency. Obsessed.
JavaScript Moderate proficiency, Debugging, JQuery/Mootools add-on experience
PHP Light Use, Debugging, Includes
ActionScript UI, animation, physics
Microsoft Office, VersaWorks, Final Cut Pro, Final Draft, iSkysoft tools, GarageBand, Logic, BBEdit
What I Am Not
I am not a Developer nor an IT technician. But I do like to explore new areas.
Recent Career History

1995 – Present
Freelance musician & music arranger

1999 – 2003
Carnival Cruise Lines: Musician / Music Director
Entertainer or Supervisor of Musicians/Bands on four ships

2003 – 2005
Quest Media, LLC: Media Director
Web Design, Video, Advertising, Copy, Print Design, DVD UI

2005 – Present
Freelance Designer, Photographer, Animator
Web design, branding, advertising, media projects, photography, and illustration.

BarProducts Inc.: Multimedia Specialist
Web design, photography, illustration, video editing, printing, CMS, marketing, AdWords, Copy

2012 – Present
BarProducts Inc.: Web and Graphics Supervisor
Managing a team of six employees, overseeing about a dozen web sites and revenue streams with 6,000+ products, producing biweekly email campaigns, modernizing existing platforms, social media direction, product development and marketing.

Personal Creative Interests

Fine Arts
Currently showing acrylics and digital prints in two local galleries. I volunteer monthly at downtown shows. I also enjoy music composition, photography, sculpting, and doing anything artistic with my hands.
I've been an admin for about five years at one of the largest photo-manipulation website community. I've contributed weekly contests during this time, mentored beginners, and produced Photoshop tutorials.

After years of small hobby animations, I produced a short animation project that went viral (first motion comic for Axe Cop, coming soon to Fox's upcoming late night animation lineup) and am in the process of producing my own feature length project.

Creative Writing
I'm just as at-home writing website product descriptions as I am movie reviews or short stories.


University of North Florida, 1995 – 1997
Major in Music Performance with emphasis in Composition

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