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multimedia artist / designer / musician
Digital painters can be defensive people. New media is slow to be accepted as "fine" art. But the possibilities are endless and nothing is done with a simple push of a button. If I could paint with a computer as fast as I could with a brush, there'd be one category on this website!

But above all, digital painting is downright fun and highly expressive. What else could an artist want?
For me, everything starts by hand: cheap No.2 pencils and printer paper, my first love. The work is scanned as my canvas in Adobe® Photoshop®. I favor painting in black and white until all that's remaining is the color, which is painted over top. Painting is done in tedious layers, one detail at a time, and each piece is digitally post-processed with the same methods used in digital photography.

I enjoy openly sharing my steps and techniques as well as learning from anyone I can. I've written a few digital illustration tutorials and actively participate in online illustration communities; they're constant sources of inspiration.
I spent a couple fun years showing digital prints at various area art shows, and I'm fortunate that a few still hang in St. Petersburg, FL galleries. One of the highlights of my digital painting career was being included in a ClearChannel promotion which saw a few select pieces frightening traffic on 23 digital billboards across Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties.

I'm happy and humbled to have had a few digital paintings gain some viral internet exposure (mostly the parody and fan art pieces), which still surface prominently in image searches.
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