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multimedia artist / designer / musician
Adobe® Flash®
mouse interactive - trigonometry - inertia
mouse interactive - particle - inertia
random - simulated 3D
particle behavior - random
sine wave controlled opacity
random - reconstruction
I have practical experience designing Flash® websites, navigation elements, animations, presentations, games, banner ads, videos, illustrations, audio players, "floating" spokespeople, dynamic web headers, and more.

While the Flash® Player and Flex programming offer robust, dynamic additions to the online experience, traditional Flash® interfaces have weakened somewhat due to trends in SEO, mobile limitations, accessibility, and the advent of competing technologies. But for those of us who worked during the peak years of Flash® madness, it's still fun to break out the toys.

I enjoy problem solving with this platform. When I'm asked to create an addition to a website or a marketing gimmick requiring physics, fun interaction, or an "impossible" behavior, I still jump at the opportunity.