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multimedia artist / designer / musician
All aspects of photography fascinate me, from directing models to tweaking pixels on a screen. I strive to continue learning all I can about fashion, commercial, and natural photography.
Adobe® Photoshop® has been the "home" program for me years before I ever owned a DSLR. I push it as far as I can with evolving efficiency in both fine art and commercial projects. For me, post-processing and retouching is merely a launching point. An image must fit a brand, an idea, a collection, or support a statement.

I began studying Photoshop® in the mid '90s and started using it commercially around 2003. Within a few years I added general photography to my freelancing services.

Some of my fun "chopped" images have made their way to the front pages of Digg, Reddit, BoingBoing, and entertainment blogs such as Comedy Central's CC:Insider. For the past five years I have been a volunteer website administrator at, where I co-manage weekly contests, advise emerging artists, and moderate the community.
Working non-destructively is an obsession. I prefer to utilize adjustment layers, masks, and smart objects whenever feasible, along with organized, well-labeled layers.
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