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multimedia artist / designer / musician
I've been designing websites for ten years now, which means I started sometime in the last days of the reign of dial-up, when everyone wanted as much Flash® as the Internet could take and shiny buttons were all the rage. Nowadays it seems the goal is to find the most complicated ways for the end result to look the simplest! First and foremost, I am a web designer. I'm passionate about clean-coding positive user experience, brand impact, and good SEO.

I'm not a developer. I'm not an IT tech. I won't build you an original CMS office intranet. I design the attractive face between companies and clients.
Adobe® Dreamweaver® is great tool, although I'm strong believer in the ability to write the basics from scratch. I have vast experience with HTML, CSS, and ActionScript 2; moderate experience in JavaScript/JS Libraries; and have recently began editing front-end PHP.

I have practical experience with ground-up website building, existing website revitalizing, Magento and OSCommerce template editing, HTML email newsletters/ads, banner ads, Flash® integration, landing pages, Google Analytics, and more.
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