I have practical experience in many fields, including web design, animation, art direction, illustration, print, photography, video/audio production, and music composition. Having a wide-range of media experience, I enjoy using many angles to solve problems as efficiently and attention-grabbing as possible. I’m just at home helping a single client with a small creative task as I am managing corporate campaigns.


Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Abode After Effects
SketchUp + V-Ray
Adobe InDesign

18 yrs. Design, Compositing, Post-Processing, Illustration
10+ years. Illustration, Vector Design, Print Management
10+ years. Video Editing / Post-Processing, Animation / Mograph
3D Modelling / Rendering
Layout Prepress / Design

E-Commerce / CMS


2.5 yrs. Product Management, Styling
7 yrs. Template Editing, UI, Product Management, Custom Blocks
Theme customization. Custom CSS. Elementor Pro.
NetSuite, Stone Edge, Magento ERP



Strong proficiency. HTML email.
Strong proficiency.
Moderate proficiency, Debugging, JQuery/Mootools add-on experience
Light use, Debugging, Includes
UI, animation, physics – Deprecated


PC and Mac

Dual professional experience with latest OSs.


Microsoft Office/Open Office, Google: Docs / Analytics / Webmaster Tools, DSLR Photography / Videography, Apple Logic / GarageBand, .fountain markup, Copy / Creative Writing / Proofreading, Wacom Cintiq, Trello, Slack.

What I Am Not

I am not a Developer, IT technician, Salesman, or Customer Service Rep.

Recent Career History

1995 – Present
Freelance Musician, Composer, Arranger


1999 – 2003
Carnival Cruise Lines: Musician / Music Director

Entertainer or Supervisor of Musicians/Bands on four ships

2003 – 2005
Quest Media, LLC: Media Director

Web Design, Video, Advertising, Copy, Print Design, DVD UI

2005 – Present
Freelance Designer, Photographer, Animator

Web design, branding, advertising, media projects, photography, and illustration.

BarProducts Inc.: Multimedia Specialist

Web design, photography, illustration, video editing, printing, CMS, marketing, AdWords, Copy

2012 – 2015
BarProducts Inc.: Web and Graphics Supervisor

Department head. Managing a team of six employees, overseeing about a dozen web sites and revenue streams with thousands of products, producing biweekly email campaigns, modernizing existing platforms, social media direction, product development and marketing.

2016 – 2017 Marketing, Social, Graphics, Video

Multi-hat-wearing web monkey. Primary web commerce management and design. Primary email and social marketing management and design. Product photography. Video Production. Print design.

J&R Bicycles: Graphics, Ecommerce

Ecommerce, Social, and Print design, including banners, ads, posters, and more. Magento, product management, and general ecommerce work as needed.

2018 – Present
Pinellas REALTOR® Organization: Web & Graphic Design

Web Design and maintenance for organization sites and client sites. Graphic design, including print/magazine/products, web/social, and branding. Various multimedia projects including video/presentations.

Formal Education

University of North Florida, 1995 – 1998
Major: Music Performance with emphasis in Composition.

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