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multimedia artist / designer / musician
Music Reels
Quasi-orchestral cinematic sequenced music compositions spanning several genres.
Sequenced music compositions with both lighthearted and serious dramatic characteristics.
A variety of sequenced small group and piano jazz for both sound track and direct listening.
Sequenced tracks mainly meant as "fun" caricatures of thematic television scores.
My heart belongs to music. I've devoted more of my life to it than anything else. After studying performance and composition at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, I pursued a freelance music career that has been both full-time and part-time up to this day.

As a trombone and trumpet player, I've played in Orlando theme parks, performed with and directed bands for four years with Carnival Cruise Lines, performed with dance bands, wedding bands, small group combos, Dixie bands, big bands, orchestra pits, and everything in between.

As a composer and arranger, I've written for college big bands, swing bands, religious services, album tracks, animation scores, recitals, collaborations, and more. Hearing one's music played by talented musicians live or recorded is an honor unlike any other.
The samples above represent my latest musings with Apple®'s music sequencing applications. I've tried to represent an array of styles. I quite enjoy electronic production, although nothing beats musical art created by flesh and blood!
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